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Conferences are organised by EPS, its Members and its Divisions & Groups. They are essential elements in the communication of physics, career development of physicists, and the reputation and credibility of the EPS and physics.

The committee is established, inter alia:
- to provide advice to the Executive Committee regarding general EPS Conference policy
- monitor EPS conference development
- administer various EPS activities & programmes in the area of conferences & EPS conference grants

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The EPS recognises excellence and science and contributions to the community through its prizes, awards and distinctions. The EPS Distinctions and Awards Committee advises the Executive Committee on its policies in this area, including receiving nominations for EPS distinctions (EPS Fellowship, Honorary Members…) and makes recommendations regarding new prizes and awards.
Chairman: Martial Ducloy

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Physics research and discoveries are important elements for innovation, and economic, social and cultural development. The quality of research and development benefits from a more equitable gender balance. The Equal Opportunities Committee looks at the barriers that contribute to the under-representation of women in physics.

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The EPS promotes the exchange of physicists and physics research across Europe. While there has been considerable improvement in the European political situation over the past 40 years, fragmentation is still an issue in the European physics community. At the moment, the EPS-CEI was created to study these issues particularly in countries on the periphery of the EU. The Committee initiates, supports and promotes actions focusing focusing primarily on Central, Eastern & Southern Europe.

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This is the Group Website of the EPS Executive Committee.

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The aim of the Forum Physics and Society is to explore questions associated with the relation of physics to society. The FPS regularly organises workshops bringing together physicists, policy makers and experts first to understand the issues and then to draft recommendations for action by the EPS.

The FPS addresses the challenge of maintaining a strong and critical dialogue between physicists and society.

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Young scientists, from undergraduates to postdoctoral researchers, are encouraged to actively develop their leadership, networking and outreach skills to enhance their career opportunities and their involvement in the European physics community.
The EPS Young Minds Committee endeavours to create Young Minds Sections in universities around Europe to engage in local outreach activities and European networking.

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