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Sponsored Conferences

Sponsored Conferences are organised independently from the EPS. To obtain the Sponsored Conference label, the EPS Conference Committee applies criteria to ensure the international character, timeliness, and the review procedure for contributions.
The applications should be sent within 6 months before the conference begins.

Sponsored Conferences:
Provide the EPS Secretariat with information regarding the event
Undertake to place the EPS logo on conference materials
Provide a report on the conference.

The EPS will publish the conference on its website, and upon request, will advertise the conference in the society's newsletter e-EPS.

Grant opportunities

Organisers of EPS Sponsored Conferences can apply for a grant for an EPS Poster Prize.

EPS Individual Members can apply for an IM Travel Grant to attend Sponsored Conferences.

Excellent conferences organised independently from the EPS are encouraged to apply for the EPS Sponsored Conference label.

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