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XVIIIth International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena
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XVIIIth International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena

08/07/2012 to 13/07/2012

When: 09/07/2012
Where: Lausanne


The 2012 Ultrafast Phenomena Conference will be the eighteenth in a series of conferences on advances in ultrafast science and technology. This meeting is widely recognized as the main international forum for gathering the community of scientists and engineers working in research and technology related to ultrafast phenomena. It is indeed a unique opportunity to bring together atomic, molecular and condensed matter physicists, physical chemists, biophysicists and scientists developing new tools, methodologies and techniques, all working on the science of ultrafast phenomena. These phenomena cover the time scales ranging from picoseconds (1 ps = 10-12 s) to hundreds of attoseconds (1 as = 10-18 s).

In the past ten years, the field of ultrafast phenomena has moved ahead in a breathtaking fashion, thanks in part, to the development of new laser-based sources of ultrashort pulses of electrons and light, such as high harmonic generation, few-cycle optical pulses, sources of short wavelength radiation (e.g., the x-ray free electron laser). The spectral range of ultrashort pulses of radiation has been extended to the long wavelength range such as Terahertz radiation, and the short wavelength range such as vacuum ultraviolet and the soft and hard X-ray domains. Together with the development of new methodologies, e.g. multidimensional spectroscopies, THz spectroscopy, electron-based techniques (EELS, PINEM, etc.), these great leaps forward are delivering an impressive degree of insight into phenomena both within atoms and between atoms.

At the same time, the flexibility in methodologies opens perspectives for major applications in the fields of solar energy, molecular electronics, optoelectronic devices, biomimetic devices, etc... Last but not least, all this is accompanied by an improvement in theoretical models, strongly supported by the increase in computational power, which are indispensable for our understanding of phenomena on such ultra short time scales.

The Ultrafast Phenomena Conference series started in 1976 on a biannual basis. The 2012 edition will be the XVIIIth of the series and it will be the fifth time it is hosted in Europe. It will bring together a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers sharing a common interest in the generation, manipulation and use of ultra short pulses in the picosecond to the attosecond regimes and their applications to studies of ultrafast phenomena in physics, chemistry, materials science, electronics, biology, engineering, and medical applications. In addition, submissions involving real world applications of ultrafast technology will be encouraged. Finally, a tabletop exhibit featuring leading companies in lasers, optics and optoelectronics and instrumentation will be held in conjunction with the meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lausanne for an exciting scientific event!

General Chairs 

Majed Chergui, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Antoinette Taylor, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Programme Chairs

Steven Cundiff, JILA, NIST and University of Colorado, USA
Kaoru Yamanouchi, University of Tokyo, Japan

Regina de Vivie-Riedle, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany

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